[Synckolab] New contact OK (was "0.5.0")

Jerry Amundson jerry at pbs.com
Sun Sep 17 23:23:23 EDT 2006

On Fri September 15 2006 04:18, Niko Berger wrote:
>  - what exactly does not work (like:
>     * do only some contacts/calendar entries work (and if so, can you
> see what makes them work/not work.. i.e. some fields that ar
> eunparseable) * can the kde client read the synckolab written data,
> but synckolab not the data from kde client  (or the other way round)

As a test, I added a new contact to tbird (first setting "Save to Imap 
Folder", restarting tbird).
When all was sync'd, imap happy, etc. ... I saw new contact in Kontact - 
way cool... well that's a start.


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