[Synckolab] Calendar success (sort of :-)

Jerry Amundson jerry at pbs.com
Sun Sep 17 17:04:17 EDT 2006

I have now done a successful calendar sync anyway, and for the second 
time. The first time seemed to be negated by the addition of a second 
Calendar configuration. Once I added the second config, I no longer saw 
the events that were sync'd into it (just using the Home calendar 
Lightning starts with...)

Maybe my thinking with the second config is amiss? The "Configuration" 
section on the website is from an earlier version not supporting 
multiple configuration, which leads me to design/documentation 
questions.... KDE, for example, stores "X-Kolab-Type: 
application/x-vnd.kolab.event" and
"X-Kolab-Type: application/x-vnd.kolab.task" headers in Calendar and 
Tasks IMAP folders, respectively. Lightning requires Todo (aka. Task, 
right?) storage *within* a calendar, e.g. "Home", hence my confusion...

Thank you,

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