[Synckolab] problems with SyncKolab 0.4.24

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Niko Berger wrote: 

the "Save to IMAP" option is used to actually use the imap server, if its
unchecked synckolab does a dry run.
HowTo Sync the Adress Book and Calendar on 2 (or more) Machines:
1.) On all machines make sure to have the same version of synckolab
installed (0.4.24 is the most recent one)
2.) Make sure all machines are configured for the same imap acct
3.) on all machine select the same imap folder for sync'ing (make sure save
to imap is selected)
4.) on each machine press the synckolab button
If you had contacts on each machine you want to sync, synckolab will
automatically create a sum of all contacts on the server (say on machine A
you had 10 contacts, on B 15 contacts on c 3 contacts... in the end all
machines and the server will have 28 contacts).
When you either use a new imap folder or accidently deleted all you contacts
on some machines and want to RESTORE them, make sure to delete the internal
sync database before syncing, its located in your profile directory with the
name: [syncname].cal|con.db

That's [syncname].cal|con.hdb, right?


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