[Synckolab] problems with SyncKolab 0.4.24

Per M. Hansen perhans at indexdata.dk
Thu Sep 14 12:14:06 EDT 2006

Niko Berger wrote:
> HI,
> the "Save to IMAP" option is used to actually use the imap server, if 
> its unchecked synckolab does a dry run.
> HowTo Sync the Adress Book and Calendar on 2 (or more) Machines:
> 1.) On all machines make sure to have the same version of synckolab 
> installed (0.4.24 is the most recent one)
> 2.) Make sure all machines are configured for the same imap acct
> 3.) on all machine select the same imap folder for sync'ing (make sure 
> save to imap is selected)
> 4.) on each machine press the synckolab button
> If you had contacts on each machine you want to sync, synckolab will 
> automatically create a sum of all contacts on the server (say on 
> machine A you had 10 contacts, on B 15 contacts on c 3 contacts... in 
> the end all machines and the server will have 28 contacts).
> When you either use a new imap folder or accidently deleted all you 
> contacts on some machines and want to RESTORE them, make sure to 
> delete the internal sync database before syncing, its located in your 
> profile directory with the name: [syncname].cal|con.db
That's [syncname].cal|con.hdb, right?


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