[Synckolab] Testing synckolab 0.4.25

Balazs Bezeczky e9825128 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Sep 12 22:43:46 EDT 2006

> I also read from someone that it doesnt seem to work if you have only
> one adress book (personal address book), but I couldnt verify this
> until now.

now this gets interesting. I added a new address book and a new contact 
in that book to check out your hint, and all of a sudden this happens:
- after hitting sync out of nowhere I have 36 contacts in my new address 
- those contacts where stored in the previous address books I played 
around with. I also have the contacts which I added more than once when 
they vanished after hitting "sync"

- and now the fun part comes in: I go back to the linux client, create 
the new address book with the same name, hit sync and: nothing happens! 
the log says there are no new contacts, but we know, there should be 36...

[I'm writing the mail while I try out things...]

- the solution is, to select the folder "contact", it reads all the 
messages in that folder. then hitting sync gets you all the new 

- the same goes for the entries in the calendar. I have an error message 
on the linux client, I'll send it in a separate mail.

hope this sheds some light in the issue...

BTW, I think there should be a better howto than the current one 
covering these issues...
I'm willing to do this, if you point me in some direction...


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