[Synckolab] Re: Testing synckolab 0.4.25

Copart mozdev.org at rellims.com
Tue Sep 12 14:45:15 EDT 2006


Can you confirm that the contact exists in your chosen IMAP folder? 
Perhaps the server record is not getting written.


Balazs Bezeczky wrote:
> hi,
> the following setup is given:
> debian 3.1 with kolab2
> 1 XP client
> 1 linux client
> both clients use tbird, synckolab 0.4.25 and lightning 0.1
> (build 2006031011 for XP and build 2006031006 for linux)
> 1 empty "personal address books" at each client
> using the same setup on both clients, same folders, etc.
> now, when I add a new contact on the linux machine to the personal
> address book and sync it, I get this message in the sync window:
> pas-id-xyz new add to server blabla...
> so far so good
> I hit the sync button on the XP machine and it communicates with the
> server, but no new contact is added.
> then, when I hit the sync button on the linux machine again, it
> deletes the contact I added just a minute ago with this message:
> pas-id-xyz local delete blabla
> when I add the contact on the XP client first, sync it to the server
> and update the linux client, the same happens, too.
> can someone reproduce this?
> cheers,
> Balazs
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