[Synckolab] Re: Many conflicts

Santiago Costantino santiago_listas at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Sep 12 10:56:59 EDT 2006

Hi, thanks for the help.

The format is Kolab 2.
Every single one came with a conflict. I was periodically synchronizing, 
this just happened today with the new release installed in both machines.
No tittle in the window, a modal totally empty window with just an 
enabled cross to close it. I had to click the cross many times
Updated Windows XP.
Yes both had the extension updated.

I deleted the local files. Now I don't have the error anymore and 
contacts do synchronize. Thanks.

Still... not all the events get synchronized in the calendar. I cannot 
find a pattern to identify which events do not behave properly, but now 
since things looked more stable I decided to report it. I have no idea 
if a similar thing is happening with the addressBook, it is just easier 
to see the missing events in the calendar (like my wife's birthday, 
which I should not forget). Lightning build 2006060709.

Thanks again.

Copart wrote:
> Santiago,
> I am assuming you are referring to the conflicts resolution dialog.  Are
> you syncing contacts in the Kolab 1 or 2 format?  Do you believe every
> singe contact is coming up with a conflict, or just a lot?  Can you
> explain what you see in the window on failures, window title, buttons,
> if any content at all?  What OS are you using?  Did you update both
> computers to 0.25?
> I would love to know what conflict it is finding with each contact,
> since you should NOT be seeing a blank dialog (this would require adding
> more debug output into the code).  The latest version 0.25 will cause
> conflicts in every entry for the vast majority of users that migrate
> from older versions (first sync only), however, the conflicts should
> automatically update and you should not see any dialog (due to new hash
> calculation).  I recommend you delete SyncKolabs local sync data (reset)
> on your office computer, please check with Niko on the correct steps for
> this, I do not want to lead you down the wrong road.
> -Copart
> Santiago Costantino wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've been using the extension for a while, noticing its improvements.
>> Yesterday I upgraded to 4.25 (Thunderbird, I could
>> synchronize at home but at the office I see conflicts in every single
>> contact and a modal empty window appears after each failure. I have to
>> manually close it and a new conflict and a new empty window shows up.
>> I had to kill Thunderbird.
>> Santiago
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