[Synckolab] Re: bug-report for version 0.4.24

T.Peichl T.Peichl at gmx.de
Fri Sep 8 15:58:43 EDT 2006

Hi again,

I just wanted to add further information on my last report:
 > - There are problems when I use the field for the second mail address.
 > When syncing those records loose the second mail address after a second run
 > cause it doesn't get stored on the server vCard. Sometimes those records even get completely lost.
Here I mixed things up those are actually two issues that are not related.
- The field for the second email address does not get stored in the server sided vCard.
The consequence is that one looses all information in that field, caus a later sync
will notice that as a local change and remove that field locally, too.
- Sometimes when sync processes changed vCards, it marks the old ones as deleted
but does not completely rewrite the new cards. If you purge your mailfolder to
remove the messages marked as deleted, you lose those records. If you don't sync
kolab gets just further confused, because it also processes the vCards marked as
deleted which leads to the multiplication of identical records.
 > - Another problem seems to exist when updating records on the server side.
 > In my testrun I changed 24 records which where correctly noticed, but while
 > writing those all were deleted but only 3 of them actually rewritten.
This belongs to point two above.
 > Another thing I noticed is that it takes quite some time to go over all those
 > records when updating. Maybe you could consider using an additional special
 > mail where the last hash table (like the one stored in the local thunderbird profile)
 > is stored, so an update check only needs to read one mail and then just react
 > upon changes.
A further suggestions would be to use the contact's names in the subject
instead of the pure unique ID. It would help finding mail addresses from within
webmail applications.

Another interesting feature would be to also synchronize my firefox bookmarks.
I guess this is not really related to contacts/calendar but this would be really
great and I think it would be a good way to do so, cause I don't want to configure
an additional IMAP access from within a firefox plugin.

Sincerely yours

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