[Synckolab] More improvements

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Sat Oct 28 10:43:53 PDT 2006

I will inlcude all fixes sent to me probably on Monday next week. It was 
really busy last week so I didnt have time til now.


Benoit Mortier schrieb:
> Le Mercredi 25 Octobre 2006 20:56, Andreas Gungl a écrit :
>> Hello all,
>> I have been able to spend some more time on the calendar sync towards a
>> Kolab 2 server (which uses an XML format for contacts and events). Here
>> is a list of improvements which I have waiting on my hard disk for
>> inclusion in Synckolab (> 0.4.26):
>> - fixes for:
>>     - incorrect handling of the organizer of Kolab-XML events
>>     - incorrect mail address of attendees of Kolab-XML events
>>     - wrong format of the alarm time in Kolab-XML export
>>     - bad format of multipart messages used to store Kolab-XML events
>>     - event duplication if an already read event has been deleted
>>       on the server
>>     - usage of calendar manager in Synckolab which made the calender
>>       view to disregard the assigned color for events
>> - conditional debug messages to the console (source code change
>>     still needed for a switch)
>> - some more minor source code cleanups
>> I would be glad if the changes (not attached this times) could be
>> included in the next version of Synckolab. However, as I don't have CVS
>> write access, I depend on someone picking up my diffs, apply them to the
>> sources and make a new release.
> Hello,
> i'am deeply interested in your change as i have several kolab2 server 
> running with a mix of outlook and thunderbird, if you send me the diff i 
> will do a new release.
> Cheers

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