[Synckolab] synckolab on a Mac

Jan Zander jan.zander at neuland-bfi.de
Mon Mar 6 09:46:46 EST 2006

Kristofer Kiik wrote:
>> anyone on this list experienced in using synckolab on a Mac ??
> I tried it a while ago.
> but I did not use Kolab server, but a simple Courier IMAP server for
> storage. I got as far as getting my address book synced to and from
> Mac as well as to and from Win. I had no luck at all with calendar
> events on either platform - but maybe Kolab server does something more
> than a simple IMAP server...
same here. We are using synckolab on 3 Macs and 4 Windows-PCs, with some 
server that is not the Kolab server. Syncing address books works fine as 
long as you make sure that you use only 0.4.19 with tb 1.5 on mac, not 
0.4.18. We do not share calendars that way. Too much problems with that, 
so we are currently trying WebDAV with .ics files. That gets the work 
done (somehow).


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