[Synckolab] Update 0.2.5

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Wed Mar 16 12:20:03 EST 2005

hmmm it looks quite ok. It runs until it comes to step where it wants to 
write the cards back to the imap server...
To test if it is a problem with your imap server you can download 
Hamster... its a easy-to-use open source imap server for win, where u 
just unzip add an account and start the imap server. Thaty what I had to 
do since my imap server has the @ and % problem.
On a side notice: the extension does no "real" sync check right now to 
see which address book entries are on the server already, it just copies 
all cards that do not have a custom4 field to the imap server... so i t 
may happen that it does not find any "new" cards to write.


Derek Croxton wrote:

>Niko Berger wrote:
>>Hi Derek,
>>I will get a look at the linux crashing tomorrow (my laptop at work
>>runs gentoo... so i can test it there). You do not need a kolab server
>>for the extension to work. Any Imap server is more than enough. The
>>only problem I found was with the imap uris which is a problem from
>>I left almost all debugging messages on in this version, so please
>>send me what the debug window says (clear it before running the sync :P)
>>Just ctrl-c on any error messages and paste it in a mail.
>>There shouldnt be any steps  necessary to run it except to run the
>>config and add the button.
>If only I got an error, it would be so much easier to figure out! 
>Everything appears to work okay, no errors in the JSConsole.  I copied
>the following messages from it in case you can see anything wrong.  Most
>of the messages are, of course, like the one that begins "Card
>[pas-id..."  There are a few lists at the end, which I thought might be
>causing the problem, but I created a new address book without them, and
>it didn't sync any better.  Since I had tried this on two different
>computers (not counting the Linux one), I figured it probably wasn't my
>installation (in fact, on the current computer, I re-installed
>Thunderbird because I had been running version 0.8).  That seemed to
>leave only my IMAP server.  I haven't had any problems with my mail, but
>I have had occasional problems deleting folders -- not that I can see
>the relevance of that, but I'm looking for any issues.  So I tried
>Synckolab without the "save to IMAP folder option," but that didn't work
>either.  I tried creating several different folders to do the sync with;
>none of them worked.
>I have given XUL a look in the past with an eye to creating my own
>extensions, so I might try to look into this.  The problem is that I can
>handle the basics well enough, but the object model for something like
>IMAP would probably baffle me as much as ftp did.  It seems like the
>vCards are getting created, but I don't know what's happening to them at
>that point.  Thanks again for your help.
>Some output from JSConsole:
>got folder: imap://dcroxton@oxenstierna.homelinux.net/INBOX/Address
>Message Folder:
>got Message
>Card [pas-id-B7E042D8A1E12163]
>New Card [From - Tue Mar 15 20:04:13 2005
>X-Mozilla-Status: 0001
>X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
>Content-Type: Text/X-VCard;
>    charset="utf-8"
>Subject: vCard pas-id-0A36F83B81112C18
>Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:04:13 +030000
>User-Agent: SyncKolab
>N:;Round Table;
>FN:Round Table
>FN:Round Table
>Card []
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>>Synckolab at mozdev.org
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