[Synckolab] Update 0.2.5

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Wed Mar 16 01:01:43 EST 2005

Hi Derek,
I will get a look at the linux crashing tomorrow (my laptop at work runs 
gentoo... so i can test it there). You do not need a kolab server for 
the extension to work. Any Imap server is more than enough. The only 
problem I found was with the imap uris which is a problem from thunderbird.
I left almost all debugging messages on in this version, so please send 
me what the debug window says (clear it before running the sync :P)
Just ctrl-c on any error messages and paste it in a mail.

There shouldnt be any steps  necessary to run it except to run the 
config and add the button.


Derek Croxton wrote:

>I regret that the new version didn't help me.  I tried it on Linux,
>which I realize is still experimental, and it only crashed Thunderbird. 
>I tried it on Windows XP and I got the same results that I did on W2k --
>everything seemed to work, it said it was writing vCards, but nothing
>ever appeared in the folder I had designated for addresses.  I wonder if
>I am not missing any preconditions or steps.  I do not have Kolab, but I
>do have an IMAP server and an address book in Thunderbird.  I thought
>this was all that was needed, but I'm not sure.
>I'm not one to complain about free software, especially if it is working
>for everyone else, but if I can be of any assistance in debugging, let
>me know.

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