[Synckolab] New user - some comments

Chris Bolton mail at cbolton.co.uk
Sat Jun 25 00:59:45 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I'm new to this list and new to Sync Kolab. I've just installed it and 
eventually got it working. I had the same problem which Jan Grape 
reported a week ago (I don't know what happened there as the archive 
stops at 19th June). When I tried to choose an imap folder for contacts 
or calendar data, I received an error on the Javascript console, and 
then when I tried to sync, I got a "Mailaccount not found" error.

Looking at the entries in prefs.js compared to those posted by Gabriele 
Domenichini, I could see that the lines for these entries were there but 
in a different format. I orignally installed 0.4.4, then upgraded to 
0.4.18 once I realised 0.4.4 was old. Thunderbird doesn't seem to remove 
redundant lines from pref.js when you uninstall and what was happening 
was that Sync Kolab was trying to update the old lines, and failing.

So my recommendation to anyone having trouble is to uninstall, manually 
edit prefs.js to remove all the lines which refer to synckolab, and 
reinstall. That fixed it for me.

Once running, I sync'ed a small address book and calender from my test 
client. I noticed that when I then sync'ed my main client, with Sync 
Kolab entries in the folders, and existing Calendar and Address Books, 
the first sync only worked one way; the existing data was all moved into 
the Sync Kolab folders, but none of the entries there appeared in the 
client. When I exited and went back to the test client and sync'ed 
there, everything appeared in both. I then went back again and re-synced 
in the main client, and everying appeared.

Win XP Pro SP2
Thunderbird 1.02
Mercury mail server



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