[Synckolab] Can't configure

Per Mørkegaard Hansen perhans at indexdata.dk
Sun Jun 19 22:37:12 EDT 2005

Per Mørkegaard Hansen wrote:

> Niko Berger wrote:
>> Per Mørkegaard Hansen wrote:
>>> I am having problems configuring Synckolab 0.4.18 on Windows XP. 
>>> When I go into Options from the Extensions list, nothing happens 
>>> when I click on the Add button in the Configuration section and I 
>>> can't write in the drop down box (naturally). Am I missing something?
>> Yeap you are, you have to use a newer thunderbird version (1.0.2) I 
>> tried adding this requirement in the install.rdf but that caused the 
>> updater not work correctly - I guess there are still some bugs in 
>> tbird :) (or maybe I am doing something wrong...)
> But I am using TB 1.0.2 (20050317).

And it still doesn't work.

Any other suggestion what I could try to fix the problem?


Per M. Hansen

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