[Synckolab] sync kolab destorys thunderbird.

Daniel P. Campbell daniel at dcsi.com
Thu Jun 16 18:48:06 EDT 2005

I had a new laptop on which I installed Thunderbird.  I then installed 
SyncKolab and setup up the options to sync the address book and made 
sure none of the options for the calendar were enabled.  This was 
version 0.4.4 that I got from the Mozilla site.  It gave the normal 
message that installation would finish when I restarted Thunder bird, 
which I did, and nothing happened. Thunder bird never came up to be 
visible in any way except through the task manager which showed it 
existing as a task.  When I did a normal uninstall of Thunder bird, 
reboot the system, Reinstall Thunder bird, the problem was not resolved 
because I did not delete the directories that are not handled by 
uninstall.  After uninstalling and deleting directories, I could 
reinstall Thunder bird, install the Calendar, restart Thunder bird and 
install SyncKolab with no references to the Calendar (probably not 
necessary but there were no entries in the calendar), restart 
thunderbird, update to 0.4.18 and sync my Address book without problem.  
When I went to set up the Calendar, I had to manually put the entries 
for the calendar into prefs.js.  It seems as if the entries are only set 
up the first time the dialog is entered (this is an assumption on my 
part), because I could not get the entries to be written with subsequent 
use of the dialog.
I hope this answers your question.  (There is data in the folder for the 
calendar, but no data in the calendar itself till after I did the sync).

Niko Berger wrote:

> Hmm this is weird.
> I thought I had checked all references to the calendar, so if its not 
> installed it will still work, but it seems as if thunderbird does some 
> init with each extension that makes it crash...
> Daniel, did you have any entries in the calendar or did you just 
> install calendar, then synckolab, then restart?
> Niko
> Daniel P. Campbell wrote:
>> I just had this problem last night when I was installing on a new 
>> system.  The issue for me was that I did not have the Calendar 
>> extension installed.  I turned off all references to it, thinking 
>> that would obviate the need to have it installed.  I uninstalled 
>> Thunderbird and deleted all associated directories.  When I 
>> reinstalled Thunderbird and the calendar extension before I installed 
>> SyncKolab, everything worked.
>> Daniel
>> Per Mørkegaard Hansen wrote:
>>> I had the same problem a while back and reported it. Now I just 
>>> tried to install Synckolab again and this time there is no problem 
>>> (well there is but, it has nothing to do with this thread).
>>> Back then I was able to get Thunderbird up and running by starting 
>>> Thunderbird in safe mode and uninstall Synckolab and the calender 
>>> extension.
>>> I don't know if it is of any help but here are the extensions I use:
>>> Mozilla Calender 0.8.3
>>> Sync Kolab 0.4.18
>>> no new Window don double click 0.2.2
>>> Display Mail User Agent 1.0.1
>>> Delete Junk context menu 0.3.2
>>> Folderpane Tools 0.0.1
>>> Niko Berger wrote:
>>>> I already heard about this problem, but I could not verify it until 
>>>> now.
>>>> Please report which version tbird you use and which other extension 
>>>> you have installed. Maybe there is a conflict with another 
>>>> extension. Also make sure to post the operating system used.
>>>> Niko
>>>> Jason Gegere wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> My name is Jason Gegere.  I installed the sync kolab plugin with 
>>>>> thunderbird and now thunderbird will not load. I have tried to 
>>>>> installed the plugin on a completely different system and I get 
>>>>> the same problem.
>>>>> I also unistalled Thunderbird and Firefox.  Then reinstalled them 
>>>>> and I get the same issue.  I really like using thunderbird and 
>>>>> have been using it for several months.  I have done all that I 
>>>>> could read and searching for articles online and have found no 
>>>>> similar problem.
>>>>> I am still able to create message of mailto link and can delete 
>>>>> account under"Tools" but that is all.
>>>>> Please help me out.  Thanks,
>>>>> -- 
>>>>> Jason Gegere
>>>>> Owner / Developer
>>>>> Htmlgraphic Designs
>>>>> jasongegere at htmlgraphic.com
>>>>> (920) 965-0090
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