[Synckolab] synchronize addresses

Andreas Hölscher ah at dsa-ac.de
Tue Jun 7 16:16:49 EDT 2005

Hi Niko,

Niko Berger wrote:
> you can find the internal database in your profile directory... it's 
> called configname.XXX.hdb)
thank you for your answer, I will try with a clean database.

>>when I add a new address to my address book synchronizing will add this
>>address to my vcards in the imap folder as well. But if I change a value
>>in my address book in one of the existing addresses (a new email address
>>or telephone number) nothing is changed in the corresponding vcard after
Would you shortly tell me what the programm will compare (only new
addresses or single fields/values as well) or can you give me a link to
a description?


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