[Synckolab] Synchronization to a shared folder is not working

Alexey Melnikov aamelnikov at netscape.net
Tue Jul 26 15:29:40 EDT 2005

niko.berger at corinis.com wrote:

> Sven Mueller wrote:
>> Alexey Melnikov wrote on 25/07/2005 19:40:
>>> Please let me know if this is a known issue. I couldn't find after a 
>>> quick scan.
>>> I've configured Synckolab to store calendars in "Shared Folders/My 
>>> Folders/Calendar" using folder tree view. However when I try to 
>>> synchronize with my IMAP server it responds "Mailbox doesn't exist" 
>>> to an IMAP APPEND command.
>>> After investigating this further it seems that the client is trying 
>>> to APPEND to "Shared Folders^My Folders^Calendar", while the server 
>>> is using "/" as the hierarchy separator character.
>>> My configuration:
>>> Thunderbird 1.0.2 on Windows XP,
>>> Sync Kolab 0.4.18
>> Don't know wether an appropriate bugreport is in the bug tracking system
>> yet, but I have the same problem (and actually even had to enter the
>> necessary configuration parameters into prefs.js manually because the UI
>> wouldn't show any IMAP account).
>> Same version of Sync Kolab (though I also tried 0.4.13 or something like
>> that), also tried Thunderbird 1.0.2 and 1.0.6 on WinXP.
> Hmmm... this does look weird. does this only happen when using imap 
> shared folders,

I don't think so. When I was using the top level folder "Calendar", 
everything worked fine.

I've also tried to create "Shared Folders^My Folders^Calendar" and 
everything worked fine with the new configuration.

> what imap server do you use,

I was using Isode M-Box (my own), but I don't believe that should make 
any difference.

I can create an account for you, if you are interested.

> and what steps do I have to do to reproduce this behaviour...

I am not sure, maybe it is related to subfolders with spaces in names.
I've tried synchronizing with "Test/Calendars" and this seems to work.
After that I've tried to configure SyncKolab to synchronize with "Shared 
Calendars/Test Kolab" and the mailbox list has disappeared. I thought 
I've seen other people complaining about the same?

> Also does normal viewing of messages using tbird (normal view) work?


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