[Synckolab] Synchronization to a shared folder is not working

Sven Mueller synckolab at incase.de
Mon Jul 25 22:32:07 EDT 2005

Alexey Melnikov wrote on 25/07/2005 19:40:
> Please let me know if this is a known issue. I couldn't find after a 
> quick scan.
> I've configured Synckolab to store calendars in "Shared Folders/My 
> Folders/Calendar" using folder tree view. However when I try to 
> synchronize with my IMAP server it responds "Mailbox doesn't exist" to 
> an IMAP APPEND command.
> After investigating this further it seems that the client is trying to 
> APPEND to "Shared Folders^My Folders^Calendar", while the server is 
> using "/" as the hierarchy separator character.
> My configuration:
> Thunderbird 1.0.2 on Windows XP,
> Sync Kolab 0.4.18

Don't know wether an appropriate bugreport is in the bug tracking system
yet, but I have the same problem (and actually even had to enter the
necessary configuration parameters into prefs.js manually because the UI
wouldn't show any IMAP account).
Same version of Sync Kolab (though I also tried 0.4.13 or something like
that), also tried Thunderbird 1.0.2 and 1.0.6 on WinXP.


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