[Synckolab] Problems with Lists.

Daniel P. Campbell daniel at dcsi.com
Wed Jul 13 11:06:52 EDT 2005

I had this problem with Thunderbird before I added Synckolab.  There is 
something about mailing lists that include mailing lists that cause new 
addresses to be formed.  If you have address list A that contains 
address list B, a new address will be formed with the same name as B.  
If you delete the address entry for B with the same name as the list, 
the entry for B in list A will disappear.  The same goes for addresses 
that appear in list that appear in other lists.  I have mentioned this 
on the Thunderbird forums, but I have not received a response.

Andrew Morris wrote:

> I took a look through the archive and couldn't find any mention of 
> this...
> I'm using Thunderbird 1.02, synckolab 0.4.18.  If you create a list in 
> your address book and then do a sync it will create an address by the 
> name of the list, but not an actual list.  It will also create a 
> duplicate entry on the imap server by the list name as an address and 
> thus every time one does a sync your contacts folder gets larger and 
> larger and larger...
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