[Synckolab] syncing contacts in shared folders of Kolab2

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Mon Jul 11 13:49:13 EDT 2005

Hi Ferdinand!
I think I know what you meanbut I doubt I can implement that. I only 
display what thunderbird can read. So If the subfolders of shared.alle 
are hidden and therefore not displayed in tbird, you cannot select them 
in the settings either (I use tbird functions to retrieve the 
foldertree). I dont know how to store such settings in imap.. m,aybe 
there is a config message or something like that that tells kmail where 
to look.


Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:

>On Sunday 10 July 2005 23:34, Niko Berger wrote:
>Hi Niko!
>Kmail allows to create groupware sub-folders in shared folders of kolab with 
>content type contacts, calender etc.
>These can be shown or hidden in the groupware settings of kmail.
>IMHO to kolabsync contacts only groupwarefolders with content type "contacts" 
>should be displayed, similar for calendar
>see attached image.
>kolabsync only shows the shared folder "shared.alle"
>>Hi Ferdinand,
>>the folder does not show up in tbird at all, ot just in the synckolab
>>What exactly do you mean with "only "contact" folders should be
>>displayed in the "contact
>>folder" of the extension"?
>>Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:
>>>create a subfolder with contacts in a shared folder of kolab2 - this
>>>folder can be accessed with kaddressbook
>>>the shared folder itself is shown in the synckolab 0.4.18 extension, but
>>>not the subfolder with the contacts.
>>>BTW I think that only "contact" folders should be displayed in the
>>>"contact folder" of the extension

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