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Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Sat Dec 10 18:30:04 EST 2005

> Subject:
> Custom4 problem, deleting contacts...
> From:
> Michael Wimmer <wimmer at cg.tuwien.ac.at>
> Date:
> Sat, 10 Dec 2005 17:53:33 +0100
> To:
> synckolab at mozdev.org
> To:
> synckolab at mozdev.org
> Hi,
> I have a few questions:
> 1) Could you include an option to specify which field of the address 
> book is used for storing the vcard-id? I use the freeform fcc 
> extension from ausdilecce, and this uses the Custom4 field as well.
Yea I will make this customizable... Maybe there is a changeable id 
field in 1.5 so this is no longer needed, lets see...
> 2) How can I delete contacts in the folder? As far as I understand, 
> when I delete a contact in the address book, the next time I do a 
> sync, the contact will be restored...
Actually it shouldnt, altough there seems to be a bug in there. The idea 
is following: when running synckolab, a local database of all contacts 
is being generated. So when you sync each contact is chaecked absed on 
following rule:
local=db but <> remote -> remote changed, update local+db
local<>db but db==remote -> local changed, update remote
local<>db<>remote -> both changed, ask

so if you delete something locally, but the contact is still in the db 
and on the server, the server contact should be removed....
> 3) Does the extension work with lists? I haven't managed to make it 
> work...
No I didnt test it for lists. From the mailing list I found out it does not.
> Michael

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