[Synckolab] "mailaccount not found!" error

Bob Ramsey rramsey at dracovolans.com
Mon Dec 5 15:50:30 EST 2005


I really like the goal of this extension but I've had some problems 
getting it to work on Thunderbird 1.07, Windows XP Pro, and Sync Kolab 
0.4.4 with Mozilla Calendar 0.8.3+ installed and working.

I have 1 imap account set up in Thunderbird and it works.  I created a 
folder called "Contacts."  I go into Sync Kolab to configure.  I created 
a new Configuration called "MyContacts" and selected my Personal Address 
Book from the Address Book drop down.  Sync Kolab correctly listed my 
account and I selected it.  It correctly listed my folders and I 
highlighted "Contacts."  I've tried selecter both Xml/Kolab2 and 
Vcard/Kolab1 as the Contact Format with the same result.  I checked Save 
to Imap Folder and checked Sync Contacts.  I click ok.

When I click the Sync Kolab button on the toolbar I get a message saying 
"Mailaccount not found!  Please check configuration."  The sync progress 
window appears if I hit alt+tab and just stays there with no progress 
bar movement until I hit cancel.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?



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