[Reloadevery] ReloadEvery broken by 3.0.3?

Rick Berry rick.berry at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 08:42:35 PST 2008

I recently reloaded WindowsXP on my laptop and installed Firefox 3,
which then updated itself to 3.0.3.
Now when I install ReloadEvery, it doesn't show up properly in the
menus, and the AddOn page has an asterisk next to 3.0 in the "Works
with" line.
I noted that the latest update to ReloadEvery was in February of '08,
so have been checking periodically back to see if ReloadEvery would
get a new version for Firefox 3.0.3.
So, what's the status? I absolutely love ReloadEvery and am having a
hard time getting along without it.

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