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Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Jul 26 12:30:19 PDT 2012

Currently there are no technical volunteers who can address the server

When I get time I'll try to turn on Drupal read only ....


On 7/26/12 1:29 PM, Onno Ekker wrote:
> +1. I used Drupal's wiki for my project's home page and forums for user
> feedback and/or feature requests. Addons.mozilla.org even has a separate
> option to guide people to the support site. I think lots of project
> owners want this function.
> In the discussion about Mozilla stopping development on Thunderbird I
> read that a lot of people from Mozilla think mozdev is already dead.
> Disabling drupal certainly is a big step that way. The only thing we
> have now is cvs and a mailing list. I wanted to move my code away from
> cvs, so I looked at hg.mozdev.org, but that page is totally broken and
> it's impossible to view the source using a web interface. This has been
> reported a couple of time on this mailing list and also in bugzilla.
> If this doesn't get any better people will go looking at alternatives
> like google, sourceforge, github or watever,. instead of being on the
> place where they should be. But are we supposed to go look into google
> cache to try to rescue the remains of our old drupal site?
> What happened to the volunteers that stepped in last year? You divided
> the tasks or you all do everything? Or did everyone back out already?
> Maybe you can put up some information (or maybe there already was in
> drupal :-)) about which tasks there are and what help you still need. I
> sure hope mozdev can continue with all its services...
> Onno
> On 26/07/2012 21:08, Adam Kowalczyk wrote:
>> Hi Pete,
>> there was some valuable data and user feedback on my Drupal forum.
>> Could we please turn Drupal back on for at least a few days, so that I
>> have a chance to archive the information? I can't stress enough how
>> much I would appreciate it.
>> - Adam
>> On 26/07/2012 17:42, Pete Collins wrote:
>>> Ok. It is ...
>>> Drupal has been shut down because of excessive use or abuse it was
>>> causing the server to become unusable.
>>> Since we don't have any resources to devote to maintaining Drupal it
>>> will have to remain off.
>>> Thanks
>>> --pete
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