[Project_owners] drupal data loss?

Philip Chee philip at aleytys.pc.my
Fri May 13 20:33:56 PDT 2011

On Fri, 13 May 2011 16:55:17 -0400, Jake Hartz wrote:
> Just something else I found...
> Most of the data still seems to be in Google's cache (at least for me). So,
> for example, typing "cache:*mp4downloader*.mozdev.org/drupal/*download*"
> into Google brings up its cached version, or just typing "*download* site:*
> mp4downloader*.mozdev.org" into Google and clicking on the "Cache" link next
> to a result will also bring it up.
> I just used this to find most of my data (everything except the most
> important stuff, which you needed to be logged in to to view, so it wasn't
> cached by Google).

Pete says that the data appears intact when he queries the drupal MySQL
database directly. So hopefully it's just a database inconsistency
problem or broken referential integrity.


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