[Project_owners] Advocay of MozDev 2.0 - MailMan indictment

Yves Lambert yl at icite.fr
Mon Sep 27 03:22:20 PDT 2010


I've just send a response to a message on the feedback list. As I am
subscribed to the list with this address, yl at icite.fr, I have been
auto-white listed. Headers of the message contains:

Minor problem:
X-Virus-Scanned: amavisd-new at mozdev.org

Well either SpamAssassin or its clone is very quiet or this is not run.

- Any spammer can use one's subscriber e-mail address to spam the list:
out_and_out leak of smtp protocol.

Major problem:
I received a message in the same time telling me that my message will
be reviewed by list moderators o_O. This never occurs when sending a
message to project_owners with the mail I am subscribed to. I should
receive a notice for this message as I am not subscribed to
project-owners with this address.

MailMan administration is painful: its only advantage, is afaik that
mail2news gateway is easy to settle up by design.

More than half problems reported in feedback list by project owners are
about mailman: don't want to administrate, lost password and can't
administrate and so on. For one spam sent to a mailman list, list
admins and moderators are spammed once a day until this is dropped. This
is very bad.
If for some reason one doesn't have a web browser, there is no way for
this person to administrate her own mail-list. This is a non-sense.
Extreme cases: you just have a wifi access to your ISP and can just
access to your mail not the rest of the internet, you are blind and
mail-man administration page does not fit your text2voice program, and
so on.

Other maillist solutions exists:: ennemies of Carlotta for example
should be a much better choice. The only problem is to settle up the
mail2news gateway. For that other solutions than mailman central
integration exists: see bofh.it for example. 

À l'unanimité de moi-même, je suis d'accord.
	-+- SB sur debian-french: "le debian-french guru a dit" -+-

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