[Project_owners] php Issues

David White whitedavidp at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 09:02:28 PDT 2010

Thanks Pete. But my ThunderPlunger project's single php file is not 
working any more and I am stumped as to what I need to do. I test using 
my browser even though this routine is not supposed to present a UI as 
it is more like a service which my addon uses. The original routine at 
http://thunderplunger.mozdev.org/validateEmail.php was working fine. 
Then it stopped working and only displayed the contents of the file. I 
have copied the original file's contents to both a file ending in .html 
and one ending in .php.html and placed them via WinCvs along side the 
original file. But none of them work now. Indeed, the original no longer 
displays the file's contents. What am I doing wrong here? David

Pete Collins wrote:
>  Anyone who is experiencing any php issues please respond to this thread.
> This way I can keep all open issues in one place.
> If you want php turned on for your project, don't reply to this thread.
> If we have enabled php for your and you are using .php files, rename 
> them to .php.html and requests will be automatically redirected.
> Thanks
> --pete

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