[Project_owners] php Issues

David White whitedavidp at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 3 06:46:59 PDT 2010

Thanks Pete,

If I change my ThunderPlunger addon's code back to POST instead of GET, 
the .php seems to work. However, a GET to the .php fails for some 
reason. Before all of this, the GET did work for debugging using FF as 
long as the test=1 query parameter was included. Now this isn't working.

The one other thing I did do in all of this was also suggested by a chap 
on the list. I added the following to my project's local.conf file:

if(strstr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL'], 'validateEmail.php.html'))
  $local_conf_serve_as_is = ON;

I don't see why that should impact anything on the .php URL. Any 

Thanks, David

Pete Collins wrote:
>  I think I have this fixed.
> Can you give it a spin?
> Running the javascript POST test code I got an error saying that the 
> email address was not valid.
> So, I think it is working.
> Thanks
> --pete

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