[Project_owners] php Issues

Jake Hartz jake33 at rocketmail.com
Fri Oct 1 03:36:15 PDT 2010

Now that this is all working, someone with wiki editing permissions should 
update the documentation with all this new info 
(http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/wiki/MozdevDocs#PHPUsage) so new project owners 
don't get confused when none of their PHP code works in *.php files. Also, even 
a page like this needs updating: 

Along with all this, the WhyMozdev page 
(http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/wiki/WhyMozdev) is also a bit out of date 
(SourceForge does allow any OSI-approved license, and will someone ever finish 
creating the code search tools and integration with AMO?). Also, there is more 
on the talk page (http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/node/140/talk).


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Anyone else seeing any issues they want to report?


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