[Project_owners] Moving source from CVS

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+mozdevnews at fastmail.fm
Tue May 4 01:26:03 PDT 2010

Andrew Steinborn venit, vidit, dixit 03.05.2010 22:07:
> Just FYI, has anyone considered Bazaar? Also, it'd be nice to upgrade
> the CVS to SVN. The new schemes that could be possible:

Since mozilla uses hg already, we should really use svn for the web
stuff and git or bzr for the code, anything else would be boring...

Seriously: I'm a git person, but I can see why mozdev followed mozilla's
decision and offered hg as the first alternative to cvs (for code). I do
not see what we gain by switching from cvs to svn (for web).

Currently cvs-web and cvs-code are tied together (hovercraft), so we
should know first if that is going to change or not. Me thinks that with
the current mozdev status, nobody is going to set up a completely new
system, which means we'll be stuck with cvs for web.

For code, it should not be too difficult to offer more alternatives than
cvs and hg (see fedoraproject), be it svn and git.


P.S.: "cvs-web" also includes uploading files to the download area
P.P.S.: Maybe that poll needs a clarification - is this about web, code
or both? Replacement or alternative? What does "It says the same" mean?
"t" missing?

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