[Project_owners] Is waiting for the download mirrors update lag still needed?

Doug Warner doug at mozdev.org
Tue Mar 9 08:17:20 PST 2010

On 03/07/2010 09:08 AM, Paolo Amadini wrote:
> I once read that, after publishing a file in the "downloads" folder,
> extension authors should wait at least four hours before linking to
> the new file, in order for all the mirrors to be updated. I also
> verified problems if I tried to download the new file earlier.
> Is this still the case? I remember that I read about an improvement
> in the mirrors system that checked the availability of the file
> before selecting the mirror, but I'm not sure if this actually
> removes the need of waiting for four hours.

It's "nice" to do this, but isn't necessary anymore.  Waiting allows the
mirrors to get the file and saves some resources on Mozdev's side but you
should be able to link to a file immediately if you need to get it out.


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