[Project_owners] Mozdev Knowledge Transfer Meeting

Doug Warner doug at mozdev.org
Mon Jun 21 07:19:53 PDT 2010

I've updated the doodle poll to go for next week when I'm back from vacation;
same link as before:


On 06/16/2010 07:45 AM, Axel wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> thanks for getting back, in my experience, the best tool for a
> walkthrough even with my limited bandwidth is the Webex interface from
> Cisco (https://www.webex.com/), seems to be extremely fast - and
> supports having a chat window for the bandwidth challenged (I am
> avoiding the VoiP client as it doesn't work well on mobile bb), and also
> supports recording the meeting. There are free 14 days trials available,
> you only need a working email address for them - they use a Java client
> which conveniently works from your web browser. I can put up a mail on
> how to use it if you decide to go with that.
> I will be available from the 22nd June (when I clear my bandwidth bill,
> 65 Euros over, and I am paying 5cent / MB at the moment, ouch!) will
> enter some times at the doodle poll. Ah to have real broadband! :)
> Ax
> On 16/06/10 02:53, Doug Warner wrote:
>> First, I wanted to apologize for being unavailable the past couple months
>> (insert standard work/life excuses here).  I would still like to help people
>> continue supporting Mozdev.
>> To help with that, I've set up a Doodle poll to pick a time that suits
>> everyone to have a knowledge transfer meeting:
>> http://www.doodle.com/5bsckkpxnskems9u
>> It's also been suggested that IRC doesn't work well for everyone; what tool
>> would others be more comfortable with?  Skype?  Some type of screen-sharing
>> might be best to see what tools are available for Mozdev and how things run.
>> Again, I'm sorry I've been out of things for awhile and I plan on digging
>> through the backlog of email over the next day or two and get things answered
>> as best I can.
>> -Doug

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