[Project_owners] new-projects list TODO.

Yves Lambert le.iota at free.fr
Tue Jun 8 08:05:01 PDT 2010

On Tue, 8 Jun 2010 18:39:49 +0530
Anirvana Mishra <anidps at gmail.com> wrote:


> Yes I can do that.

Mozdev not dead.

> Can someone guide me through the process of pulling the
> mozdev repository to my system?
> (CVS is a bit scary :P)

Well your favourite editor environment should be able to deal with CVS for you (Maybe you just need a login in fact). 

Unfortunately Seamonkey composer doesn't but fortunately it does not highlight PHP syntax and is probably not teh best tool for that. The ones I know, say Quanta (Kompozer) and Bluefish do deal with CVS. You can also use of Eclipse or NetBeans or any other IDE which all deal correctly with CVS repositories and can deal with PHP/HTML files too.

If you want to use CVS directly, this is not so terrific and you should find guidelines in many places.

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