[Project_owners] Mailing list subscriptions

Philip Chee philip at aleytys.pc.my
Mon Jan 11 02:52:05 PST 2010

On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 11:01:27 +0100, Marco Pivetta wrote:
>> On 11.01.10 09:34, Onno Ekker wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Since yesterday I see a lot of users from @zeusmail.org subscribing to
>>> my projects mailing lists. Do other project owners also see this, or am
>>> I the only one?
>>> Does anyone know what zeusmail.org is? Their website doesn't give too
>>> much information: "It works!" is all there is.
>>> I'm a bit afraid those addresses will be used for spamming. Is it
>>> possible to moderate new e-mail addresses by default?
>>> Onno

Not just mozdev:

Live 555 mailing list.

Dirvish mailing list
"Spamsign;  I moderated them.  Unless I hear otherwise, I will block
that domain."

listwork mailing list

thanks for having kept an open eye on this. You're right, what you saw
is apparently the result of automated registrations, supposedly carried
out by spammers to be later able to send spam though these mailing list
without having their emails help for moderation.

I have deleted 58 zeusmail.org users' subscriptions to individual
mailing lists, all of which had been subscribed two days ago.

Running the following command on thier Mailman logs should help other
admins to determine whether they may have been hit by the same issue.

> grep -E '^\w{3} [0-9]{2} [0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2} [0-9]{4}
\([0-9]{1,5}\) [._[:alnum:]-]+: new [A-Z][a-z]+\.[A-Z][a-z]+@[^,]+, via
web confirmation$' /var/log/mailman/subscribe


I've been seeing a number of subscription requests from a number
different names  but all from zeusmail.org to this list and other lists.
When I request an introduction from the addresses, I don't get a reply.
Unless I hear objections, I'm just going to start rejecting any
subscription requests from zeusmail.org.


We got subscription requests to three Silva mailing lists for three
different names from zeusmail.org. Spamsign; I moderated them. Unless
I hear otherwise, I will block that domain.


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