[Project_owners] update.rdf generation (and fckeditor)

Jake Hartz jake33 at rocketmail.com
Mon Dec 27 20:34:37 PST 2010

Hello all,

Within my Firefox add-on hosted on Mozdev, I have 2 branches: 1.2.x (the old
branch, kept for people running old versions of Firefox) and 1.3.x (the new
version with all the new features). I have them both in the downloads
folder, and because they share the same GUID, they both are in the same
update.rdf file. This works fine, except when a user of an older version of
Firefox (like Firefox 2) tries to update from an older version in the 1.2.x
branch to the latest version in that branch, Firefox just says "No updates
were found." After a while, it seemed that an odd solution actually solved
the problem - switching the order in the rdf file (it was in the order of
the 1.2.x branch then the 1.3.x branch, but reversing that solved the
problem). Would it be possible to reverse the order so the latest 1.3.x
version appears first (and also so it appears first on this page:
https://www.mozdev.org/projects/overview/mp4downloader/)? (Don't worry about
this if it is impossible or requires an extensive workaround...not many
people are still using the 1.2.x branch anymore anyway.)

Additionally, just one more thing: I still keep getting a popup that
says "*Error
loading "
(HTTP Status: 404)*" on any Drupal page with FCKeditor on it. Would it be
possible to fix this? (Right now I just have FCKeditor disabled, but it
would be nice to enable it again.)

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