[Project_owners] Mozdev - Participation or Bust

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Wed Apr 7 15:24:23 PDT 2010

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> I suggest that Doug Warner schedule a training session using
> http://doodle.com with the sole purpose of training meeting attendees in
> the handling of one or more day-to-day tasks. This could be through IRC,
> freeconferencecall.com <http://freeconferencecall.com>, or both. The
> agenda should be scoped to 1 hour to accommodate as many as possible,
> with sessions for training in other tasks as needed. After the training,
> one or more trainees should be granted appropriate permissions on the
> mozdev site to immediately begin performing the task in which they've
> been trained.
> Thoughts? Doug?

I also like Charles' (and others) idea of using bugzilla. If anyone 
wants to take on a role, needs access to certian parts of the site, and 
so on, just file a bug and be sure to cc me.

Brian King
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