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Putting a list like that together is definitely a good idea and something to work toward.  In the immediate term though, I think the two things I just mentioned (new project process and feedback moderation) are most pressing.  My recommendation is to have those be well owned and then move out from there.  If anyone is interested in either, let us know and we'll get you ramped up.  More than one person is welcome to get involved in either since it's good to have this knowledge spread around.


if we had this list it would help us to assign resources to it. Could
>the existing staff do up a very short synopsis of their day to day work
>with the mozdev system?
>>thanks for your efforts, we should be able to keep this prjoect afloat.
>I will contact some sponsors shortly in order to look for funding (But
>I am not taking this as my permanent job, I am more interested in the 
>Project Admin aspects myself).
>>   Axel 
>>On 07/04/10 17:18, Mycroft Project wrote:
>I suspect a lot of the responsibility sharing could be done through
>>bugzilla... the 'work' can be done by anyone and then checked in by
>>'trusted' party.
>>I'm off to look at the current bugs and see if I can do anything useful there.
>>And consider potential disaster plan alternatives.
>top moz 
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