[Project_owners] Mozdev - Participation or Bust

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 09:44:43 PDT 2010

I apologize for any confusion about this -- not having the time to properly communicate is certainly something we're aware of.

There isn't a vast amount of work needed to keep things running, but there are small day-to-day thing that pile up if they aren't taken care of.  After we last met and identified interested people and set up a council at mozdev.org address for coordination, Doug and I posted for help there and received no response.  

At this point it is these things (new project set up, responding to questions) that are most pressing and not the bigger picture issues like sponsorship.  If the small things can't get taken care of, there's no point worrying about the bigger things.

If people are interested in this, I'd suggest that Doug train some people in the new project process and some other people take over moderation and responses on the feedback list.  Figuring out how to deal with the questions and requests coming in there is a great way to start learning the various systems on the site.


> As far as I
was aware the board was going through the necessary process to 
> wind up
the non profit and transfer back to a community led 
> basis.

Talk again of shutting (effectively) the site worries me as I 
> thought
the conclusion at the last discussions was there wasn't a vast 
> amount
required to keep the site running. I remain willing to help with 
> any
bugfixing / php / html problems - I'm pretty familiar with 
> the
templating code. Depending on what's considered necessary I 
> could
potentially help with other things.

I remain unsure what the 
> 'problem' is. Cash doesn't seem to be a
problem thanks to OSUOSL hosting, 
> development is maybe a bonus but not
so necessary to keep the site running. I 
> was under the impression that
the amount of sysadmin time required was not 
> huge.

I suspect a lot of the responsibility sharing could be done 
> through
bugzilla... the 'work' can be done by anyone and then checked in 
> by
'trusted' party.

I'm off to look at the current bugs and see if I 
> can do anything useful there.
And consider potential disaster plan 
> alternatives.


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