[Project_owners] Mozdev - Participation or Bust

Greg Toombs greg.toombs at bluebottle.com
Tue Apr 6 10:24:44 PDT 2010

Though I'm quite new to Mozdev hosting, I've gotten a feel for it. In my 
opinion, I think it wouldn't be such a bad thing for it to (in a gradual 
and controlled manner) die off. I was surprised to see that it still 
uses HTML 4 and CVS, with no Subversion support (among other things). I 
think that modernizing Mozdev would be more effort than starting from 

Long story short, in my ideal world, Mozdev would go into archive mode, 
and addons.mozilla.org would sprout Google Code-like functionality.

On 2010-04-06 12:51, David Boswell wrote:
>> http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/blog/Mozdev-Participation-or-Bust
> I wanted to follow up on this to highlight one part of this blog post most relevant to project owners:
> "Going forward, if no individuals or groups step forward it is likely
> that the site will wind-down. This would look something like putting the site into read-only mode for archive purposes, and helping project
> owners migrate to other hosting solutions. Only as a last resort would
> the site be shut down completely."
> I realize we've posted similar calls for involvement in the past, but this really is the last opportunity to get involved.  At this point, moving to read-only mode is a definite possibility.
> Feel free to write back with any questions or comments.
> David
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