[Project_owners] Project Wizard - Get Started on Your Idea without the Mundane Setup

Doug Warner doug at mozdev.org
Fri Sep 4 07:36:44 PDT 2009

On 09/03/2009 05:54 PM, Brian King wrote:
> Doug Warner wrote:
>> This looks like it's just adding support for the projects to the
>> already-existing extension wizard, so I've just done that.  If you think
>> there's other helpful templates that should be added to the wizard for
>> these
>> application types, let us know!
> Most of the things under 'User Interface Components' are not applicable
> to Fennec, but I guess they can be unticked.

Do you think we should split Fennec Add-ons out into their own category?  Are
there other customizations you think would be better for it?  As it is, it
would be difficult to disable those UI checkboxes if users wanted both Firefox
and Fennec support in their extension.


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