[Project_owners] Mozdev Organizational Changes

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sat Oct 24 14:58:18 PDT 2009

Thanks for posting Philip ... I thought I posted it here too but 
obviously not!

Feedback welcome from all project owners.

On 10/24/09 6:21 AM, Philip Chee wrote:
> I saw this on planet.mozilla.org
> <http://www.mozdev.org/drupal/blog/Mozdev-Organizational-Changes>
> In the last 9 years, Mozdev has done a great deal to increase the
> adoption of Mozilla technologies and promote the goals of the Mozilla
> project.  We did this primarily by providing hosting and tools to
> developers. Recently the Mozdev board members have come to the
> conclusion though that the needs of the community have changed and
> project hosting is no longer a problem for developers.  A number of free
> sites (github, Google Code...) do a great job with this and the Mozilla
> Add-ons site has evolved to become the hub for extension developers.
> In light of this, the Mozdev board is seriously considering dismantling
> the non-profit Mozdev Community Organization that runs the site.  The
> overhead of running a legal organization is no longer justified and is
> distracting attention away from the site itself.  We want the site to
> continue to serve the needs of the community and think that handing
> things to a new group of people who are passionate about Mozdev is the
> best way to make this happen.
> We need you! First, this does not mean that Mozdev is shutting down. We
> are looking into creating a community council to replace the board of
> directors and welcome you to join that group and help shape Mozdev's future.
> Once again, we'd like to stress that the goal here is not to shut down
> the site. We feel it still contains enormous value to our users. But
> because of logistical issues we need to wind down the non-profit
> structure and change the organizational nature of Mozdev. To get
> involved, post a reply here or or send an email to the address listed on
> the feedback page.
> The Mozdev Board.

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