[Project_owners] Download link for Thunderbird add-on

Joachim Herb Joachim.Herb at gmx.de
Fri Oct 2 09:40:31 PDT 2009

Here is how you can use the script by Onno:

Replace your direct link to download.mozdev.org in something like 

Here is what I changed:
0.8.3 of CompactHeader</a>


0.8.3 of CompactHeader</a>

When you now click on the link you start a download process and not an 
installation process.

(You have to place the download.php script in your www directory)

On 02.10.2009 17:20, Brian King wrote:
> Doug Warner wrote:
>> You mean the pop-up that says to "save link as"?
> Not sure what you are seeing, but what I mean is that when you click on
> the XPI link in Firefox, it does not trigger install but defaults to
> download. It is like the mime type is conditionally not set on those pages.

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