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Axel axel.grude at googlemail.com
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What I would like is that the developer links on the TB extensions page
would not constantly link back to Firefox pages. Unfortunately the
Firefox extensions are way to prominent within the TB area, which is
kind of unfair as there are way more Firefox users...

Are the Firefox extensions downloaded on the FX pages also counted for
the TB count or are these separate counts?

Also, on the statistics pages for TB extensions there are (by default)
FX events - no TB events? I mean to see the TB beta release dates (and
how they correlate with downloads) would be really nice. Another thing
with the statistics is they do not remember the graphs if you change the
period of time (e.g. when comparing versions).

just a few notes,
> Hello,
> I have published two add-ons for Thunderbird. If you click on a link
> pointing to the download address in Firefox, it tries to install the
> add-on. How can I avoid this? It would be much better if the usual
> download dialog opens.
> Example: http://compactheader.mozdev.org/installation.html pointing to
> http://downloads.mozdev.org/compactheader/CompactHeader-0.7.3.xpi
> Thank you
> Joachim
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