[Project_owners] AMO trouble

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+mozdevnews at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 18 00:34:06 PST 2009

InBasic venit, vidit, dixit 17.11.2009 18:02:
> Hi,
> I encounter to the same problem a while ago, The solution is very simple!
> Go to "files & versions" section and delete all newly created files (All
> should have same version).
> Then try to upload your new version again.

Hmm. I deleted all but one version which is reported as being in the
sand box. But, looking on amo with or without logging in as a user, I
don't see any hints for a new version in the sandbox.

Only when I click on "show previous versions" (or something like that,
this is back-translated from l10n) the sandboxed version is shown as
experimental. I guess this is considered normal behavior.


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