[Project_owners] AMO trouble

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+mozdevnews at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 17 08:50:10 PST 2009

Geesh, this us so encouraging. After finding my way through the new AMO
site and trying to upload a new version of an existing extension
(quotecollapse) to AMO, AMO hangs for a while, then tells me that there
was a problem moving the extension (after reporting 9 tests okay, 1
warning). I can't upload the same version again.

In the version list I see 4 copies (although I had only one upload with
the problem report and one denied reattempt). One is without tests and
without files, the other 3 seem to be identical (with tests and with a
file in the sandbox).

The new version is merely a compatibility update for TB 3, setting a
flag in chrome.manifest. The single warning is about l10n. There is no
text in my extension, nothing to l4ize.

On the AMO forums, I see no particular forum for reporting problems like
that (and requesting review). Can someone help out or direct me
appropriately, please? Thanks!


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