[Project_owners] Next Mozdev Community Meeting; vote on time (Wed-Fri)

Doug Warner doug at mozdev.org
Sun Nov 15 10:42:02 PST 2009

Our last meeting for the Mozdev community organization was terrific; we had
great participation and ended up running out of time!  We would like to
schedule a meeting ASAP so we can continue to get community discussion on
Mozdev's future, so I've setup another poll to determine the best time.


I plan on closing this poll by 15:00 EST, Tuesday (20:00 UTC) in order to get
the best time announced to all interested parties in time for the meeting, so
be sure to go vote now!

If you're interested in the discussion from the meeting on Saturday, it can be
found here (starting at T16:00 - T18:00):


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Mozdev.org     http://www.mozdev.org

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