[Project_owners] Mozdev Community Organization Meeting - Satuday, Nov 14th @ 11:00 EST (17:00 UTC)

Marco Pivetta ocramius at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 23:53:50 PST 2009

I hope my laptop will work for that day :S
The AC-DC adapter is broken, got to fix it -.- Will be there if it is

2009/11/11 Doug Warner <doug at mozdev.org>

> We'd like to have a meeting to discuss the new Mozdev community
> organization
> with interested parties.  So far the most people seem to be able to meet on
> Saturday, so I'd like to propose the following time:
> Saturday, Nov 14th
> 11:00 EST (17:00 UTC)
> #mozdev on irc.mozilla.org
> The meeting will be logged and will be available here:
> http://irc.mozdev.org/logs.html
> We're still working on an agenda and will post a link to it as soon as we
> have
> some more ideas.
> -Doug
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