[Project_owners] Could somebody please review my Extension?

Axel axel.grude at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 7 04:52:03 PST 2009

Good morning,

if there are any AMO editors here, can somebody please review
QuickFolders for me?


SeaMonkey users want QF badly, the latest version number of Postbox also
had to be bumped. Its the third version released since the official
1.5pre2 - there is not a hell of a lot new functionality but 3 locales
(Japanese, Russian, Portuguese) have also been added.

The last reviewed version was released on 30/09/2009 - turns out I have
roughly a monthly release cycle for new versions, is that too often?


Recent Version History:

version 1.6.2 - 07/11/2009

    * Branched SeaMonkey overlay file for future CSS fixes
    * Bumped up Postbox Compatibility to 1.1

    * version 1.6.1 - 28/10/2009
          o Added SeaMonkey <http://www.seamonkey-project.org/>
          o Verified Compatibility for Postbox 1.0.2
          o Less noise in the debug window.
    * version 1.6 - 23/10/2009
          o added locales for Japanese (Masahiko Imanaka), Portuguese
            (Marcelo Ghelman), Russian (Anton Pinsky)
          o fixed: Bug 21919 TB not displaying the colors on start up
          o fixed: in Postbox - the color sub menu now displays colors
          o added: error handling in Drag-Drop

              Known issues specific to Linux

          o In certain Linux environments, such as Ubuntu Jounty when
            the users drag a message into a quickfolder tab and then try
            to move it to a subfolder on the subfolder popup menu,
            thunderbird just closes.


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