[Project_owners] cvs problem

Jim Massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Wed Jul 29 05:56:35 PDT 2009

The flite tts system with 4 voices, read2me.mozdev.org (
http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/ ). The odd part is last time I
updated that xpi I had no problem, ditto when I last uploaded the kiosk
browser, kiosk.mozdev.org, which is about the same size. So I guess
there has been some server re-config lately.


Axel wrote:
> Thats a very big xpi... What's in there?
>> I'm trying to upload a new xpi for my extension(about 12 mb) to
>> /downloads but I keep getting:
>> cvs [commit aborted]: received broken pipe signal
>> Am I doing something wrong?
>> Thanks
>> Jim
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