[Project_owners] I'm no longer a member of my project!

Doug Warner silfreed at silfreed.net
Thu Jul 9 04:47:30 PDT 2009

On 07/08/2009 08:25 PM, Evan Eveland wrote:
> I'm the author of the deskcut extension.  Now that I've finally gotten around 
> to namespacing it and updating for ff 3.5, I wanted to update the mozdev page 
> to reflect the upcoming release.  However, I don't have access rights to check 
> out in CVS.  I can connect fine, but an error trying to check out
> evan at evan-desktop:~$ cvs -d :pserver:evan at mozdev.org:/cvs login
> Logging in to :pserver:evan at mozdev.org:2401/cvs
> CVS password:
> evan at evan-desktop:~$ cvs -d :pserver:evan at mozdev.org:/cvs co deskcut
> cvs checkout: User evan cannot access deskcut
> evan at evan-desktop:~$
> I'm also not seeing the project in the drop down when I log in to 
> https://www.mozdev.org/profile/file_management.html
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Evan


I'm not sure how this happened, but I've restored your access to the project.
 We're happy to have you back working with us!


Douglas E. Warner    <silfreed at silfreed.net>    Site Developer
Mozdev.org           http://www.mozdev.org

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